Real Estate Demo

The real estate live demonstrator is centered around a real-estate service or service integrator presenting offers (for buy or rent) of various houses, and a service for Job search; the demo also offer a service queries for colleges. In a typical interaction, a user may select some house offers (e.g. based on their area, cost and bedrooms) and evaluat them according to some search dimensions, and then expand the exploratiojn to look for nearby jobs and/or colleges. As for the Night Planner demo, services can be freely explored, therefore any service can be chosen after any other service.

The set of services currently available in the demonstrator are:

The demo features generic visualizations which depend on the specific data types results. Generic data are represented through ``tabular'' or ``atom'' views, geo-localized data are placed on maps - together with all linked data which can be associated to geo-locations through direct mappings; quantitative data can be plotted on a XY diagram.

Suggested Interactions

  • Start with a Job(occupation) using the query Java and location New york
  • Select few combinations
  • Continue the exploration by including nearby House; no input is required as the join is performed on the geographical coordinates.
  • Select few combinations
  • Finalize the exploration by including good College for the kids.


Live Demo