Night Planner Demo

A night planner is a short-term Web application presenting several geo-localized services, describing restaurants, shows, movies, family-events, music concerts, and the like. Services can be freely explored, therefore any service can be chosen after any other service; a nigh-plan is just the combination of several such services, representing a dinner option, then a music concert, and so on.

The set of services currently available in the demonstrator are:

  • Restaurant: YELP (live API);
  • Event: YQL Upcoming (live API);
  • Theatre:
    • Google Movie (live wrapper)
    • Database of theatre for main US cities (DB)
  • Movie: IMDB (DB)

The demo features generic visualizations which depend on the specific data types results. Generic data are represented through ``tabular'' or ``atom'' views, geo-localized data are placed on maps - together with all linked data which can be associated to geo-locations through direct mappings; quantitative data can be plotted on a XY diagram.

The demo also contains an interface for NLP query specification: the user can specify a query in natural language (e.g. "find a chinese restaurant nearby union square in San Francisco"), and the system tries to disambiguate it in order to produce a query addressable to the SeCo Engine. Further details about the user interface usage are available in the How to use the Exploratory Search UI tutorial.

Suggested Interactions

  • Start with the Natural Language Processing (NLP) query interface, and insert the following question: Find an hotel and an italian restaurant in new york
  • Select few combinations
  • Continue the exploration by including nearby Theatre; no input is required as the join is performed on the geographical coordinates.
  • Alternatively, continue the exploration by including nearby Events


Live Demo