Postmaster and Postdoctoral Scholarships for Search Computing

The Search Computing project, in the context of the Database Group, Dipartimento di Elettronica e Informazione, Politecnico di Milano, offers Postmaster Scholarships (intended for perspective PhD applicants or for students who want a solid R&D experience after completing their master thesis) and Postdoctoral Research Associate Scholarships (intended for people who want to strengthen their research record and competences after completing their PhD).
Candidates should have education and experience in data management and software architectures; Post-Doc candidates should present a solid publication record.
Selected candidates will participate to the Search Computing (SeCo) project, an ERC-Funded Advanced Ideas Grant (2008-2013), and work on innovative software architecture for enhancing search capabilities.
They will be asked to focus upon methods and components used within SeCo, by contributing concepts, design, prototyping, and experimentation of such components. Each scholarship lasts one year but is renewable until the end of the project.

The yearly gross salary offered for these positions depends on applicant's qualifications, ranging between 20-30K/year at the postmaster level and 25-40K/year at the postdoctoral level. Applicants should submit a Cover Letter, CV, Research Statement, and 2 or more Reference Letters to Stefano Ceri.