SeCo Workshops in 2011

 After organizing two workshops in Como, we decided to go "on the road" and therefore we successfully applied to conferences such as ICWE, ECOWS, VLDB, ISWC.

 At ICWE 2011 in Paphos, Crete (June) we organize the ExploreWeb
    Workshop, chaired by Brambilla, Fraternali, and Schwabe, see:

- At VLDB, we organize the "Very Large Data Search" Workshop, chaired
    by M. Brambilla, F. Casati S. Ceri, with Hector Garcia Molina
    and Alon Halevy as keynotes, see:

- Also at VLDB, we sponsor the DBRank workshop, chaired by Chackrabarti
    and Martinenghi, Jan Chomicki is keynote speaker, see:

 At ECOWS 2011 in Lugano, Switzerland (September) we organize the DATAVIEW
    Workshop, chaired by Bozzon, Comai, and Norrie, see:


 At ISWC 2011 in Bonn, Germany (October) we organize the OrdRing
    Workshop, chaired by Della Valle, Horrocks and Bozzon, see:

In addition to workshops' proceedings, selected and improved versions of the accepted papers at the 4-5 workshops will be included in the third book of the Search Computing series, which will be compiled by June 2012 and published in the Fall 2012.